Rajat Mukherjee at Yahoo (Take Two)

Yahoo acquired Lexity on July 31, 2013.  I returned to Yahoo as a "boomerang".

I was Product Lead for the Small Business team, and also the business head for the ecommerce business, which included Merchant Solutions, Yahoo Commerce Central (launched 2012) and the brand new Yahoo Stores platform (launched in 2013).

Yahoo Commerce Central: I drove the integration of the Lexity stack - Live, the App Gallery (app marketplace) and the automated mMarketing Apps into the Yahoo stack.  The initial rebrand and integration involved was completed in a record 6 weeks - I don't believe an integration of this scale has ever been accomplished at Yahoo or in the tech industry in such a short time. It involved a very large number of people, and the product suite was launched in September 2012  as Yahoo Commerce Central.

Yahoo Stores: This brand new platform was the first major rework of the stores/online commerce platform from Yahoo in over a decade. It included out-of-box mobile templates, simple 5-click onboarding and the ability for a new store to start selling in minutes. It is pretty awesome!

Several other launches over the year - Yahoo Small Business has seen a new pace of innovation and product delivery over the last year. Some key ones ...

Live Store Badge: A unique offering in the industry that allows merchants to increase trust among their visitors by displaying automated badges with "benchmark awards" and their top selling products. The best part of this is that there are many non-Yahoo Stores that display the Live Store badge today.

Live Web Insights Mobile App:  A unique offering in the industry that places a merchant's online store in his pocket. It connects the merchant to his online store at all times, allowing them to get notifications and insights and even chat with an interesting visitor in real-time right from an iPhone.

Live Web Insights for Web Sites: Expanding the scope of live to regular web sites (non-ecommerce)

App Gallery:  Including the best-of-breed automated marketing apps from Yahoo and also partner applications, the brand new app gallery brings easy to manage plug-and-play services to stores with a few clicks. This includes brand new applications, such as Shoppingworks and Bing Shopping, as well as enhancements to the existing apps, such as Facebook Live Store.

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