Rajat Mukherjee - Short Stories and more

I first wrote a novel during my graduate student days called The Temple on Kasturi Road as a wedding gift to my wife. She did not consider it as good as Sidney Sheldon (because it was clearly like Steinbeck!). So I started working on some short stories with a twist ...

Camping Out.
My first collection of short stories, completed in 1995.

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Short stories with a twist!
From India to the U.S. some things change and some things stay the same - but live in the U.S. for several years and you wear new lenses!
Go on! Sample the stories ...

My second collection of short stories, still in the works...

Sample Golpo

Golpo, in my native Bengali, means story. My roots have spanned Bengal, India, America ... the world! Taste some international fare ...Golpo!

The Temple on Kasturi Road.
My first novel, completed in 1991 - a wedding gift to my wife.

More about The Temple on Kasturi Road

The lives of Narayanan and Prema Pillai and their three children Usha, Mohan and Rajesh epitomize the struggles of a typical lower middle-class Indian family. Life for the Pillais proceeds at a comfortable pace until the family ....


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