Rajat Mukherjee: High School

I've been lucky to have gone to a bunch of very accomplished schools all through my school life. I started at Vidya Mandir, a local public school in ITI township, where I lived (5 mins from home). It so happens that Vidya Mandir was/is one of the largest state schools in Karnataka, India. In 3rd grade, my parents decided to switch me to private school - in preparation, I joined Sophia Girls School, where my sister went. That was great, since I had to take an entrance exam for St. Joseph's Boys School, one of the best schools in Bangalore. Here's an old photo...

I was the valedictorian and ended up getting the OBA Gold Medal for topping my class in 10th grade! That was one of the best years of my life - I also did debate, dramatics, table tennis, and started soccer.

Then I went to Bishop Cottons, a major rival school, for 11 and 12 grades - that was not a common thing to do - most of my class went to Joseph's College. Needless to say, the first month was terrible - then I finally had friends. We had great students in class from various parts of the country - a lot of competition!

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