Rajat Mukherjee at Lexity

[Lexity was acquired by Yahoo - July 31, 2013]

I'm product lead at Lexity.  Lexity has built a technology-driven marketing platform for ecommerce, helping merchants focus on running their businesses rather than figuring out how to deal with the complexity and nuances of online marketing using multiple channels.

Lexity's flagship product - Lexity Live allows merchants to see what's happening on their online stores in real time, and, if they choose to do so, proactively chat with visitors to close sales. Live Sales was launched at the 2012 Launch conference in San Francisco.

Lexity also offered simple but powerful automated marketing apps to make it simple for small businesses to take advantage of distribution of their products on channels such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. These include campaign creation, ad creation, bid management and full ROI reporting.

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