Rajat Mukherjee - University

I spent 4 years supposedly studying Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. Those were the best years - after topping my department in the first semester, I turned my attention to things that were more interesting than electronics :-) I was Dramatics Coordinator, Art Coordinator, Campastimes (campus magazine) Editor, Guidance Counsellor, Table Tennis team captain, and a member of several teams: Elocution, Debate, Dumb Charades, Soccer.

There's more history here :-)

Then, I went to Rice University, where I did my M.S. and Ph.D. Why? More on this later :-)

Among other things, I got involved with the Indian Students at Rice (ISAR) to help organize and perform at several India Nites (Indian Culture show), DJ the first Indian Rice Radio program - Navrang, and direct Magar Kyon (the first unsung Bollywood international movie). I played carrom with Zakir Hussain!

I also won the intra-mural Table Tennis tournament many times (no one took table tennis seriously :-)), and also won the soccer intra-mural tournament with the graduate student team (the Calzones) once.


Unknown said...

Hey Rajat and Sutapa, Swaroop and chetan from ITI. Google me Dr. Swaroop Gopal, Neurosurgeon.

Dipankar said...

Hey Rajat,

This is Dips (Dipankar) from Rice.
Hope you still remember.

Just remembered "Magar Kyon" after all
these years. Do you have a copy of it?
Digitized? Sheer nostalgia.



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