Rajat Mukherjee - Movies and Drama

We made a movie called Magar Kyon (translation: But why?) when we were at Rice. It was great fun, and I learned a lot. Now I'm ready to make a real movie - where's the time and money?

I love watching good movies. Where's the time? My favorite director is Spielberg.

I love watching plays (real plays) - not a huge fan of musicals, although I did enjoy "Miss Saigon" a lot. I was Dramatics Coordinator at IIT Madras, and we also performed several plays, including Scenes from Soweto (a 2-person intense modern play), and "Star Spangled Girl" by Neil Simon, and several street plays too.

Some random movies that I liked:
  • Gattaca
  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Minority Report
  • Schindler's List
  • Star Wars
  • Jurassic Park
  • Sholay :-)
  • Masoom

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