Rajat Mukherjee at Yahoo!

Spent about 1.5 years at Yahoo! An interesting experience. First foray into the consumer Internet, and the first (formal) foray into product management.

I worked at Yahoo! on the web search team working on search quality. Besides working to help improve Y! Search, I represented Yahoo! at several webmaster conferences. During my stint, it was fun to have Google knock off the document counter during the index war between Yahoo! and Google. We also launched Yahoo! Site Explorer and some interesting features on Y! (e.g., active abstracts ... hmmm...SearchMonkey...). Also did some interesting patents. Here's one that was discussed online...

Some of the interesting projects I was involved with (update: looks like Yahoo!'s broken - I mean - broken it's links :-)) :

Sep 2005 - Webmasters - tell us what we don't know
Feb 2006 - Going deeper into the Wikipedia
Jun 2006 - Reaching the weatherman at Yahoo! Search
Aug 2006 - Our Blog is growing up, and so has our index