The Mukherjee Family

Visit the Mukherjee family site! We'll try to keep it updated!

Ronny plays the piano and Rikki plays the drums! They write a blog: RONRIK - batteries included.

Here are some of Rikki's "strokes" - Essence of India.

RonRik's band is called Fibonacci. Their first album's called SHOCK.

Fibonacci : SHOCK by Fibonacci [2008]

Eclipse: SHOCK by Fibonacci [2008]

Some other recordings - Rikki's recent recitals, and a few of Ronny's piano pieces - the audio isn't great and need a do-over, but until then...enjoy!

Rikki: Kosma - Autumn Leaves [2008] (Rikki with Alex Yang, Ashot Mnjoyan and David Khevsurishvili)

Rikki: Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man [2008] (Rikki with Alex Yang, Ashot Mnjoyan and David Khevsurishvili)

Ronny: Senneville - Ballad for Adeline [2008]

Ronny: Bach - Prelude [2008]

Ronny: Bach - Invention #8 in F Major [2008]


archita dasgupta said...

Is this the same kid that used to proudly show the 'Drubee' to all visitors?! When did he grow into this artist?!!! In my mind I still see him faithfully intoducing all and sundry to the 2 vacuum cleaners (beeeg drubee, choooottto drubee - the hand held!) - my GOD but this guy is talented!!!!!

Prateek Sarkar said...

Great music snippets. Ronny and Rikki keep it up! Very good family site too!
- Prateek

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